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( Due to High Demand, the HB-17 is Temporarily Out Of Stock. )

New Highbanker 001

The HB-17 is a classifying Highbanker. 1/2" to 3/16" material is diverted to the side tray with its own water supply. 3/16" and smaller material is for the 14" wide main tray. Moss and black ribbed matting run the length of both trays.

There are two valves for total water control. Both can be turned off and the garden hose maintains pressure for cleanup. The Highbanker has a whip hose for the incoming water and 11/2" female hose fittings on both ends.

New Highbanker 002

You may shovel directly into the header-box or use the bucket holder to run material. You also have the ability to do a 'quickie' cleanup any time. Just pull the upper screen, moss, and black ribbed mat and wash into your pan for a fast check on the pay dirt.

The aluminum riffle trays give the user the ability to use magnets while operating.

Overall weight: 57 lbs.    Length: 48 inches.

Water flow: 52 gallons per minute.

See video link below.

 Order Part #  HB17$1295 

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HB17 2" Dredge Kit

New Highbanker 015

The 2" Dredge Kit allows material to be drawn up into the header box. A third riffle tray is added to handle the extra water volume which spreads the water over a 24" width of a riffle tray surface maximizing fine gold recovery.

New Highbanker 017

The Highbanker and the 2" Dredge combo work best with a pressure pump. (click here). A 2" nozzle guard is included in this kit.

The dredge tray is the same tray as the SS10 Stream Sluice. A nose piece has replaced the flume (which comes with the dredge kit). You then have a choice of using the stream sluice when not using the dredge kit.

See video link below.

 Order Part #  HB172DK$400 

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Dry Land Dredge Attachment

This stainless steel attachment is made for 2" Suction Nozzles. It uses my 2" Nozzle Guard and 2" Suction Nozzle to make a Dry Land Dredge Nozzle. This attachment allows you to vacuum up dry material into the Highbanker headerbox.

In some situations, this attachment allows the user to remove the shovel from highbanking. It works very well with my HB17 Highbanker/Dredge Combo. You may be aggressive with the nozzle guard digging point because the material is being spread over 27" of riffle tray width.

Total price depends on whether you already own a 2" Suction Nozzle, my Nozzle Guard, or the PVC manifold on my HB17. All HB17 Highbankers now in production have an updated PVC manifold.

See video link below.

Dry Land Dredge 001

Dry Land Dredge Attachment

 Order Part #  DLD2$150 
Dry Land Dredge w/ Nozzle Guard

Dry Land Dredge
with Nozzle Guard

 Order Part #  DLD2NG$179 
Dry Land Dredge 003

Updated Manifold

 Order Part #  HB17M$30 

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Highbanker HB17 Package

Dredge Kit
Dry Land Dredge Attachment


Pressure pump required to operate
Higbanker Package.
 Order Part #  HBP17$1,845 
Please Note:

Different options for Pressure Pumps and Hoses will effect grand total price. Please refer to our pumps page, our hoses page for suction hoses and lay flat hoses, and our accessories page for our foot valves.


Package (#BHP17) –
Pressure Pump (#48PP) –
Suction Hose (#2SHPLFV) –
Lay Flat Hose (#15LF25) –


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