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Don Honcoop, like many people, accidentally viewed the “Gold Prospecting Show” on the Outdoor Channel. In 1996 he joined the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) then did an outing in North Georgia to learn prospecting. He said; “I will always remember the first little piece of gold I found while panning.”

He most enjoys being around people that are like minded and being outdoors in the beautiful mountain areas where gold is found. Though he has yet to “strike it rich”, he says he has run into more than one full timer. And though he has never had the rifles full of gold himself, he has been around mining operations where that happened.

Don has prospected for gold in Georgia, North Carolina, Alaska, Michigan, Colorado, California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia Canada.

He started prospecting with the basic tools – a shovel and a pan. After seeing what was available on the market, and knowing his skills in fabrication, he decided to build a better fine gold recovery system. In the heavily prospected areas fine gold is about all that is left.

The first highbankers where built of wood. After two years of design and testing, his first aluminum highbanker was finished. The Honcoop design employs a method of classification of pay dirt in the unit. Because of this classification, more fine gold can be recovered. The Honcoop Highbanker is an easy unit to operate and considering its performance in fine gold recovery, it is one that may pay off as well.

The joy of prospecting combines the love of the outdoors with the willingness to do a little physical hard work for an elusive reward that may or may not ‘pan’ out.

Gold prospecting can give RVing a new goal, or hiking a new reason to climb that mountain.


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